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Promise:  1 Samuel 1:19-28

   What is the central problem we come across,  which sets everything into movement?

Verses 1-2 make that very clear:  a man with an impressive genealogy faces the reality this will end with him.

What does this say about "future"?

The way forward seems a complicated one,  misunderstandings are part of the story.   Hannah and Eli are present but not on the same "wavelength":  she prays while he assumes she is drunk.   Not a great pastoral moment for the priest.   The result is that the hopeless present one is now presented with a promise / future.

Today's reading
  -  The promise takes shape.   How do you feel about the developments?
Hannah fervently had prayed for a child,  now she has to deliver him.   She nurses him for about 6 years (?) and then goes back to Shiloh.   The child, the animals for the sacrifice and the offerings.

     -   What feelings are expressed?
    -    What do you feel about this scene?

The final sentence opens up the rest of the way for Samuel:  "Now I am giving him to the Lord,  and he will be the Lord's servant for as long as he lives.

    -    What does this first chapter tell us about God?
    -    What does this mean in the world today?