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 Highworth United Reformed Church

We are a Christian church of faithful people,    
                             searching for God's guidance,                       
                                          trying to follow the way of Jesus.                                          

             we are here for you   


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poppies Lest We Forget

Let us pray for all who suffer as a result of conflict,
and ask that God may give us peace:
for the service men and women
who have died in the violence of war,
each one remembered by and known to God;
may God give peace.
For those who love them in death as in life,
offering the distress of our grief
and the sadness of our loss;
may God give peace.
For all members of the armed forces
who are in danger this day,
remembering family, friends
and all who pray for their safe return;
may God give peace.
Amen (Little sisters of the poor)




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