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Easter Day 12th April 2020 #

Good Friday 10th April 2020  #

March 15th 2020

February 23rd 2020
November 24th   2019   "To be or not to be"
 22nd 2019   "Faithful peacemaking
August  25th 2019   "Weakened,  Bent,  Called

July 28th 2019    "We have to be careful"
April 28th 2019   "A week later"

April 22nd 2018      "Fullness of life"

December 24th 2017   "Love made visible"

May 28th 2017   "Hospitality or hostility?"

April 23rd 2017  " Behind closed doors"

22nd January 2017  "Let's be on the move"

23rd October 2016   "How do we turn back"

26th June 2016     "Freedom is hard stuff"

24th April 2016     "That's different"

3rd April  2016     "Thomas's Doubts"

27th March 2016   "From "Me" ro "We"

28th February 2016   "Generosity and abundance"

25th October 2015   "Keep going!"

26th July 2015    "Trying to understand!

29th June 2015    "Discerning what follows"

12th April 2015    "The Walk to Emmaus"

22nd February 2015   "After the flood, what?"

23rd November 2014  "A change of direction"

24th August 2014             "Normal - what's normal?"

27th July 2014                   "Upside Down"

23rd March  2014         "Surprises on the way"

26th January 2014          "Slightly different"

17th February 2013       "For the Wrong Reason"

3rd March 2013               "In What do you put your faith?"

14th April 2013                "It is the Lord"

5th May 2013                    "The Tower of Babel"

23rd June 2013               "All belong. Welcome !"

25th August 2013        "What do you really mean?

22nd September 2013  "Ambassadors ?"

24th December 2013  "He does things in a different way"