Highworth United Reformed Church

Here for you

Christmas Day Service   25-12-2021

Call to worship: “The Lord has made his salvation known and revealed his righteousness to the nations… The Lord will judge the world in righteousness and the peoples with equity” (Ps 98)

HYMN: See! in yonder manger low (16)

Prayer – ending with Lord’s Prayer


HYMN: Hark the herald (19)

Bible Reading: John 1; 1-14


Prayer – Intercession

HYMN: Once in royal David’s city (27)



John presents us with quite a different version of the birth of Jesus. Somewhat more philosophical version, and yet still an amazing one. “The Word was with God, and the Word was God”. And tells us about John, and then we hear that “the true light that gives light to everyone…”

And now we know that without light there can be a very limited version of life. And light shines, and reaches every corner, and today we can measure things in the “speed of light” (300.000 kms per second). And we are told that though the light was not accepted by all, he does create in us the reality of being the children of God.

Light enhances life, and it is by light that we discover our shadows, and all material beings have a shadow, which is only real when there is light. We all live then with light and shadow, some shadows are beautiful, and others are hard and complicated. And the light of the world will make our life fulfilling, and our shadows even when they are an inevitable part of life, even if we don’t like them, they will help us discover our true humanity and God will dwell among us in Christ, and we shall know the glory of the Son .

Christmas is that encounter of light and shadow and full life in full humanity. God’s gift to us in Christ. Let us praise God for this gift and share the call of our humanity in God’s hands for all people, everywhere. Amen.