Highworth United Reformed Church

Here for you


Creator and tender loving God, always close to your creation, who knows our names, our needs,
our weakness’ and our potential ...

Jesus Liberator and Friend, who walked the dusty roads of life, who felt thirsty and hungry,
lonely and abandoned, who enjoyed the company of men and women, and who gave up life
so we all may enjoy the fullness of life ...

Spirit of Peace and Reconciliation who opens the closed windows of our lives,
inviting us to open ourselves to the newness of what is and what is to come ...

We have gathered here this afternoon in a response to your call,
and now lead us to where you want us to be, and help us do what you would like us to be doing,
and on this journey give us the closeness of your presence and your blessing.

The blessing of God: Father and Mother,
The blessing of Jesus: Friend and Challenge,
The blessing of the Sprit who travels the way with us,
Be with you, those we love, those we should love
and the people of God everywhere, now and always. Amen.